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New Name/New Tunes!

We've decided with our newer sound to create a fitting new name. Check out 'The Wild Waiting' @ thewildwaiting.com, with new music and much more coming soon! That being said, we've got all of our Halfway to Avalon music posted here and on sound cloud. Thank you all for your love and support through the years, we can't wait to bring you more!IMG_1483

The Way by Heart- SXSW/Spring ’13 Tour Video

Shot by Andrew McGrath

All I Ever Did Want- SXSW/Spring ’13 Tour Video

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Video By: Andrew Mcgrath

“The way by heart” Out Now!

New 2 song EP “The way by heart” is out on itunes! This little labor of love is something we’re very proud of. Take a listen!! Sound Cloud, Itunes

“The way by heart” Acoustic

Here’s a sneak peak from our new two song e.p. out 1.20.13.

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Shot by Brendan Coughlin

“Uncaged” Music Video – Directed by Brendan Coughlin

Halfway To Avalon – "Uncaged" Music Video (OFFICIAL)

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Directed by Brendan Coughlin
Crew: Bryce Buchanan & Andrew McGrath
Special Thanks: Mirza Causevic, Dan Gillan, Nick Norman, McGrath Family

“Daredevil” – Shot by Brendan Coughlin

Halfway To Avalon – "Daredevil" (Live In Studio)

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Shot by Brendan Coughlin & Mirza Causevic
Edited by Brendan Coughlin
Recorded by John Barghout

Uncaged – Behind The Scenes

Halfway To Avalon – Uncaged Video (Behind the Scenes)

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Shot by Andrew Mcgrath